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How to style dirty hair between washes

/ 04.30.2015
No shampoo, no problem!
No shampoo, no problem!

Sometimes, it's either impossible to wash your hair, or you decide to hit the snooze button one time too many. Fortunately, skipping the shampoo is a great way to create texture, but it does present a whole other set of challenges. So, to help you master day two (or three or four) hair, we've got some handy styling tips for you below!

Don't touch your roots

To make sure your hair doesn't end up looking and feeling dirtier than it is, avoid touching the roots. Buildup, oil and general greasiness all happen a lot faster on dirty hair than with freshly washed locks, so make sure you don't touch your roots when styling unless you absolutely have to and only apply products to the lengths and ends.

Embrace dry shampoo

It may seem really obvious, but the simplest way to spruce your hair up between washes is with dry shampoo. It eliminates any excess oil at the root and gives your hair some added lift becuse, unfortunately, unwashed hair is way more likely to fall flat than clean tresses.

Enhance shine

Once the natural oils have had time to work down through the hair over the course of a day or two, your mane tends to appear more matte. While this is fine for a lot of hairstyles, you may want to add shine to create a more polished look. All you need to do is apply some hair oil to the ends and mist a glossy finishing spray over your completed hairstyle.

Boost volume

As we already mentioned, day two hair is more likely to lose volume and appear flat. To combat this, mist the lengths and lower layers with a volume enhancing hairspray to add body to your style. Tease the hair with a fine tooth comb after spraying it to fill out the shape wherever you need to.


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