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How to style a windswept ponytail

/ 04.28.2014
Try a windswept pony of your very own!
Try a windswept pony of your very own!

This season is all about tousled, windswept hair, which is great because it's a really versatile texture. In fact, there are a ton of different you can rock the trend, whether you like to keep your hairstyles understated or full of statement touches.

For the minimalists among you, this slightly unkempt ponytail is a great option. It's full of movement but doesn't appear overdone. It can also be achieved in hardly any time at all, something that always puts a hairstyle in our good books!

What you need:

Fixing Mousse
Wide-tooth comb
Fiber Paste
Hair tie
Fixing spray

Step one: After towel-drying your hair to remove excess moisture after washing, prep with Fixing Mousse and rough blow-dry. Don't worry about making it look all straight and uniform; with this hairstyle, the messier, the better!

Step two: Run a wide-tooth comb through your hair then apply a small amount of Fiber Paste to the lengths. You only want to add a small amount – enough to hold a kink in a really small section of hair when you pinch it.

Step three: Twist and tousle individual sections of hair – 1" or smaller – then gather it all back up into a loose, high pony. Make sure you shake several small sections loose before you tie it. They will create the soft silhouette you want for this look.

Step four: With your fingertips, gently muss the top and sides, pulling a few more strands loose as you go.

Step five: Mist the hair all over with 24h Fixing Spray then use your hands to scrunch and muss the lengths of the pony

That's it!


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