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How to Recreate Eva Longoria's 2016 Golden Globes Updo

/ 01.22.2016
Eva Longoria at the 2016 Golden Globes
Eva Longoria at the 2016 Golden Globes

We all look forward to star-spangled award nights. Apart from watching our favorite cinematic works get acknowledged, we keep a keen eye on who is wearing what. Now, not all of us can afford haute couture like the Hollywood A-listers, but what we can do is replicate their hairstyles! For this article, we have picked L'Oréal Paris Spokesperson Eva Longoria's gorgeous, vintage-style updo, sported by the newly engaged actress at the 2016 Golden Globes held earlier this month.

Simple yet stunning, this updo can be recreated with medium-length to long hair of any texture – straight, wavy or curly – and can be worn just about anywhere too!

To create this updo, you'll need:

- Volume inject mousse

- Strong control hairspray

- A Fine toothed comb

- Bobby pins

Get the Look

Step One

Apply a tiny amount of volume inject mousse through your hair and comb it through. The product will add some bulk in your mane and make your updo look voluminous.

Step Two

Create a small hair part of your choice and section off some hair on both sides.

Step Three

Lift a small section of your top hair and using your comb, tease (back comb) the lower layers to build a slight height and volume. Secure it with hairspray. Remember, we're not creating a bouffant or a beehive, just a tiny pouf. Gently smooth the section out with the back of your comb.

Step Four

Leaving out just a couple of loose wisps, gently gather all your front hair (including the pieces sectioned off in Step Two) and secure them at the back of your head in half-up style using bobby pins.

Step Five

Gather the remaining loose hair at the nape of your neck) or on the side or as close to the bobby pins as possible) and twist them into a casual bun, tucking in more pins as you go to secure the knot.

Step Six

Using your fingers, loosen up the sides of your updo (above your ears), tug at the teased hair section on top to adjust it and finish off with a generous spritz of hairspray.

We are totally crushing on Eva's vintage-style updo. Are you?


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