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How to prevent frizzy hair: 5 styling hacks

/ 05.15.2015
Liya Kebede with sleek, straight, frizz-free hair
Liya Kebede with sleek, straight, frizz-free hair
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Humidity is basically your hair's arch nemesis because all that moisture in the air can cause a real frizz storm on your head! The good news is there are a few things you can do to prevent frizzy hair from happening to you, and to deal with it in style when it does.

1/ Updos, and plenty of 'em

Keeping your hair wrapped in a bun, a braided hairstyle or a knot of any kind will keep your locks under wraps, thus reducing the amount of humidity your mane is exposed to.

2/ Blowdrying

Using heat to style your hair might not seem like the most attractive idea when it's hot out, but setting your strands into a smooth blowout will create a frizz-free foundation to work with, as opposed to air-drying which can increase frizziness in humid conditions.

3/ Hairspray

After completing any hairstyle, seal your strands against the elements with a protective spray. This will lock in your style and lock out any humidity in the air to protect your 'do from frizz.

4/ Conditioner

Perhaps unsurprisingly, hydrated, well-conditioned hair tends to absorb less moisture from the air around it, which reduces the likelihood of frizz. So, a weekly deep conditioning mask, plenty of regular conditioner and leave-in products are all compulsory! You may also want to keep some serum on hand for any touch-ups between washes and after blowdrying.

5/ Accessories

Headscarves, ribbons, bandanas, headbands, barrettes... if you like the way it looks, use it to protect your hair against humidity. Accessories are essential for keeping frizz at bay during the summer, and they can tie your whole look together, so it's a win-win!

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