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How to grow your roots out gracefully with colored hair

/ 08.28.2015
Growing out your roots doesn't have to mean covering them up with a hat...
Growing out your roots doesn't have to mean covering them up with a hat...
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For anyone who frequently colours their hair, root growth is really frustrating, not to mention costly and time-consuming to stay on top of. But what exactly can you do to keep your coloured hairstyle chic while Mother Nature continues to replenish and extend your tresses?

1/ Highlights

To soften the line of demarcation, try blending your natural base colour with some highlights to match and complement the coloured part of your hair. This doesn't have to mean going ombré, it's more about adding dimension to the natural base colour in order to soften the overall contrast.

2/ Ombré

If you do want to go ombré, there's nothing like a substantial amount of root growth to convince you to just go for it! All you need to do is blend the natural color with the dyed strands until they fade into each other, creating a graduated colour change.

3/ Braids

Braided bangs, braided buns, milkmaid braids and braided crowns can all be done near the hairline to cover the worst of your root growth. They're also super practical for hot summer days, workouts, and second and third day hair when you just don't have time for blow-drying.

4/ A new haircut

Have you been thinking about getting a new, shorter haircut? Now might be the time to go for it. After all, chopping off a significant chunk of the coloured hair is the fastest possible way to reduce growing-out time!

5/ Cover-up

Headbands, bandanas, headscarves hats and flower crowns all do stellar jobs of hiding root growth. Out of sight, out of mind...

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