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How to grow out your bangs: braid them!

/ 05.22.2014
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Growing out bangs can be a long, frustrating experience that leaves you totally perplexed when it comes to dealing with your hair. There is one little styling trick that might help, however: braiding them! The technique might seem a little fiddly at first but with a bit of practice, it gets really easy.

Braided bangs are also a great hairstyle for any physical activities – sport, spring cleaning, running after public transport etc. – as the style keeps your hair up off your face and out of your eyes. It's also creates a really pretty look, too!


The best thing about braided bangs is that you can wear them in quite a few different ways. You can braid along the hairline then stop, you could go for an all-up crown style or continue the braid down into a side braid – just don't forget the bobby pins and hairspray. The whole idea is to keep your bangs out of the way, the rest is all up (or down) to you!

How to do it

To start with, take three small sections of hair from one side and braid as you usually would, passing each section underneath the middle one, rather than over the top. After the first crisscross, add a small amount of hair from the side each time you bring a side piece into the middle of the braid. Keep going until your bangs have basically disappeared then complete the look with a generous mist of finishing spray for long-lasting hold.

Top tip – You might find this all a lot easier if you haven't washed your hair for a couple of days. The natural oils give the hair more traction, helping the strands to stay in place as you braid.

You could also try this style with loose waves for extra texture or add some floral accessories for an ultra-summery look.

Happy styling!

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