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How to get thicker looking hair

/ 05.19.2014
Get thicker-looking hair with the right styling techniques!
Get thicker-looking hair with the right styling techniques!

If you have especially fine hair, you might wonder what it's like to have fuller, thicker hair... or how to make it look as though you do. Fortunately, it's possible to make your hair appear fuller with some useful styling techniques.

You may need to experiment a little to see what works best for you and your tresses but the tips below can be really handy for a lot of different cuts and styles.


A set of bangs can instantly help make the hair appear thicker, especially if they're blunt cut. If you're not really up for a geometric look, try something more feathery. You could even get your hands on a set of clip-on bangs! If you do decide to try some false ones, make sure you get them trimmed to fit the rest of your haircut.

Go wavy

Curling the hair is another surefire way to make it seem fuller. It's really a question of physics - curls and waves just take up more space than straight hair, making it look like you have more hair.

Pick a side

Parting your hair and styling it on one side is also a way of making it seem thicker. With the bulk of your tresses on one side, it looks as though you have more hair, even if all you've done is concentrate everything you do have in one place.

What a tease

Using a fine-tooth comb to teasing your hair at the root is one of the best (read: immediate) ways to ramp up the volume. Apply a volumizing spray as you go and, if you have time, prep with a volume-boosting mousse before drying the hair.

Be more like Shrek

A haircut with layers is easier to create a thicker-looking style with than one without any. Layered hair is less inclined to hang limp and straight, thus giving your style more body and shape. In turn, this will make the hair look fuller and thicker all round.

Finally, you should also ask your stylist for some advice. They will be able to give you a more personalised recommendation to help you get a fuller style.

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