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How to get on-trend wavy hair: no-heat styling hack

/ 07.07.2015
Make waves with your hair, without the heat!
Make waves with your hair, without the heat!

This summer, the best way to wear wavy hair - well, the most on-trend - is in loose, tousled waves that aren't exactly beachy, but don't look blow-dried or curled with heat either. So, how do you get the look just right? By air drying your hair while wearing your favorite hat! Seriously.

Find out how to master the technique below.

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Step one
Gently towel dry your hair to remove as much excess moisture as possible, then leave it to air dry naturally until it's only slightly damp. If you don't have much time, rough-dry your hair on a medium heat, using your hands instead of a brush to guide each section as it dries

Step two
When your hair is almost totally dry, apply a texturizing spray and put a hat on - a sun hat, a felt hat or anything with a rim. Leave it to dry the rest of the way. The hat will keep the top few inches of your hair smooth and straight, leaving plenty of room for the lower sections to gain movement.

Step three
Twist the lengths of your hair around your forefinger to create waves. Keep doing this periodically as the hair dries so the twisted hair keeps it's shape. When your hair is totally dry, shake it out, then scrunch some sea salt spray through the lengths to enhance the texture.

Wavy hair that lasts

When you're happy with it, complete the look with a strong hold hairspray in order to preserve your waves and prevent flyaways.


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