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How to get curls in your hair and keep them!

/ 07.01.2014
Get the curls you want... and keep them!
Get the curls you want... and keep them!

So, you want wonderful waves but your locks just won't hold a curl? Fear not, with the right styling tactics, you can force them to! If you have poker straight hair that behaves apathetically to any and every kind of movement, all you have to do is master the right techniques and combine them with products that will do a lot of the work for you.

To help you on your way, we've put together a few useful tips and tricks!

Preparation is key

After towel-drying your hair, you need to prep it before you dry it. You can use a curling mousse, cream or spray to help set your hair as it dries. This will give your strands a better chance at holding a curl as these products are specially formulated to encourage and keep waves in place. Product is also essential when you're starting with dry hair, too.

Hairspray and lots of it!

The world's favorite hair product comes in really useful for curling hair in a bunch of different ways. As you probably already know, hairspray provides extra hold once you're done but it can also be used both before and during the styling process.

Before you curl your hair with an iron or wand, spray your hair with a fixing spray and let it settle for a couple of minutes then curl. Brush the hair through afterward to get a soft wave without any unwanted crunchiness then mist it one last time.

When blow-drying your curls into place, gather the hair loosely in the palm of your hand when it falls off the brush then spray it immediately before it has time to cool. Once you've finished styling, spray your hair all over then blow-dry for a few seconds on a cool setting to really fix them in place.

Try a flat iron instead

Although it seems counterintuitive, the right flat iron can create better curls than a curling iron. Think of it as a Swiss Army heat tool. The best kind or flat iron to use is thin with rounded edges and ideally one that gets hot on the outside, too. Buying such a flat iron will also save space when you're traveling, too, because you get two heat tools for the price and size of one!

Pin your curls up to cool

Whatever curling method you use, pin each curled section of hair up while it cools. This helps a lot because the cuticle goes cold and closes while the hair is curled, meaning it will set in that shape.

After all that, you should have the curls you've been dreaming of!

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