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How to get and keep perfect curly hair during summer

/ 06.04.2015
How to get and keep perfect curly hair during summer
 How to get and keep perfect curly hair during summer

If you love your curly hair but hate what summer's humidity and heat can do to it, listen up! There are a few simple techniques that will let you not only keep your hair perfectly curly but also keep frizz and flyaways at bay.

Humidity and curly hair

Humidity can cause curly hair to get frizzy and out of control, or fall completely flat and stick to your face and neck rather than bouncing up as usual. To avoid frizz, make sure you keep your hair nourished and moisturized enough that it won't try to absorb moisture from the air.

How to keep the curl

There are several ways you can keep the curl, so pick the method or methods which work best for you. Did you know that sea water is actually good for keeping your hair curly? A salt spray will help your curls stay in place while providing your hair with that gorgeous beach wave finish! Perfect for summer!

Another way to keep the curl is by using leave-in conditioners, which are designed for those with curly hair. Use the conditioner first, then apply your holding gel or spray after. A cool trick is to refrigerate your leave in conditioning products, which can help the cuticle of the hair to retain the most moisture, and of course it feels great on hot days!

Finally, if you're hitting the beach, coat your hair in a generous amount of hair oil to replenish it with moisture and protect it against the sun, thereby keeping the hair moist and smooth. There you have it!


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