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How to do a reverse French braid updo

/ 04.29.2014
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Most of the time, braided updos can seem like the kind of thing other people have: complicated, beautiful and generally difficult to acquire one of your own. The good news is that this isn't actually the case. Often, it's just a case of breaking the updo down into manageable parts you can create one-by-one.

A reverse French braid updo is one such look. This style consists of one upside-down braid, a messy high chignon/bun, a small pomp and plenty of bobby pins. As such, it isn't really that intimidating at all. If you feel your braiding skills leave something to be desired, fear not! A little practice goes a long way, and you can be all smug about it when you've got your technique down pat.

Keep reading to find out just how to get the look...

What you need:

Volumizing Mousse
Hair tie
Volulmizing Spray
Fine-tooth comb
Bobby pins
Finishing Spray

Step one: Starting with freshly washed hair, apply Volumizing Mousse and blow-dry to boost volume before styling. Feel free to rough-dry for a quick, easy option. The hair doesn't have to look perfect once you're done because you're going to put it all up anyway.

Step two: Section off some hair at the front to create a small pomp with later on. Use a clip to keep it out of the way.

Step three: Flip your head upside down and brush your hair through to remove any knots and tangles. Keep your head upside down and French-braid the hair from the nape of the neck all the way up to the crown of your head. Secure with a hair tie once you get there.

Step four: You should end up with a high pony. Spray the lengths, and the hair you sectioned off earlier, with Volulmizing Spray.

Step five: Tease the pony a with a fine-tooth comb to build extra volume then roll the pony forwards and pin. To disguise the hair elastic, pull the back of the roll gently over it and secure with a bobby pin or two.

Step six: Hold the section of hair at the front straight up and backcomb it from behind. Lightly smooth it back over and pin slightly off-center.

Step seven: Mist all over with a finishing spray and you're done!

Happy styling!


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