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How to cut down on using your flat iron

/ 03.05.2015
Cutting back on how much you use your flat iron will help keep your hair healthy
Cutting back on how much you use your flat iron will help keep your hair healthy

It's no secret that becoming addicted to your flat iron is really, really easy to do. It is, after all, something of a magic wand that helps to eliminate frizz, add shine and generally make your hair look wonderful. The bad news is, using a flat iron all the time can cause heat damage which can lead to breakage and split ends... which are not so wonderful.

To make reduce the chances of that happening, it's a good idea to take a break every now and then! To help you do just that, we have a few simple tips and tricks.

Get the most of out your blowdryer

A great way to minimize the amount of flat ironing you need to do is by getting the bulk of the work done with your blowdryer. Apply a smoothing cream, then use a paddle brush to guide the hair straight as it dries. That way, you'll only need to use a flat iron as a finishing tool.

Lean on your products

In a similar vein, use your hair products to make things really easy for you! Wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and make time in your routine for a weekly hair mask to keep your strands well-nourished. Strong, healthy strands are more prone to shine than dry, damaged locks!

When it comes to styling, straightening creams and sprays can make a world of difference to a blowout, and a soothing serum will help to eliminate frizz and flyaways from your finished look.

Try a heat-free hairstyle

Effortless wavy hairstyles are a huge trend this season, so why not embrace the look with a heat-free styling technique? Not only will it bring your beauty look right up to date, it'll also give your strands a well-deserved break.


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