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How to crimp your hair without heat

/ 03.10.2015
Crimped hair, no crimper necessary!
Crimped hair, no crimper necessary!

Alongside a whole bunch of other nineties hairstyle trends, crimped hair appears to be making something of a comeback this year. This time around, however, frazzled, frizzy locks have been banished in favor of sleeker zigzags, and you don't even need a crimping iron to get the look!

How to crimp without a crimper

Starting with completely dry hair, spritz a wave enhancing heat protection spray evenly throughout. Use a comb to ensure good coverage from roots to ends. Tightly braid your hair in several small sections, so that you end up with about 6-10 braids all around your head. You can work in larger sections to get a wider crimp if you prefer.

Flat iron each braid and leave them to cool before taking them out. Then, shake your fingers through your mane and gently run a wide-tooth comb through your locks to smooth them without compromising the texture. To finish, mist your newly crimped locks all over with a high-shine finishing spray.

Heat-free alternative method

Starting with slightly damp hair - either shower fresh or misted with water - apply the wave enhancing spray and braid the hair as above.

Clip the braids up and do whatever you like until your hair is dry. Then, take the braids out, run your fingers through your hair, and brush it all through as gently as possible. As above, finish with plenty of hairspray.


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