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How to choose the right hair part for your face shape

/ 06.27.2014
Where do you part your hair?
Where do you part your hair?
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When you change the location of your part, you change the way your whole hairstyle looks and the way it frames your face, too. It's basically the easiest way to get a new 'do with little more than a tail comb and some finishing spray. Many women figure out where there natural part is and stick with it for years but if you want to switch things up a bit, it's worth investigating the different options you have to give you the most flattering look for your face shape.

Heart: A heart-shaped face has wider cheeks so it looks great with a middle part, when the hair is long - the length will make the whole face appear slightly narrower. With shorter cuts or styles with a lot of layers framing the face, a side part will help to make the face appear thinner by covering a larger part of the forehead.

Round: A deep side part will allow you to showcase your favorite side. Experiment to see which side looks and feels best and go with it! The extra curtain of hair will help to make the face appear a little longer and thinner, again helping to balance things out.

Oval: Whether it's the cut, bangs or the location of the part, oval faces can basically get away with anything they like. If your face falls into this category, you part your hair differently on every day of the week should you so desire; side, center, zig-zag... the possibilities are endless!

Square: A deep side part will help to soften the appearance of prominent lines for square faces. Parted above the arch of your eyebrow, the hair that falls over your face will diminish the harsh angles along the forehead and jawline.

These rules are a good place to start and apply to styles with or without bangs, but they aren't set in stone. In fact, taking the time to try a few different parts can really help you figure out what you like best if you aren't too sure about where your part should be. You can also ask your stylist for their opinion if you really can't decide.

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