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How to braid your own hair better

/ 02.11.2015
Practice makes perfect when it comes to braiding your own hair
Practice makes perfect when it comes to braiding your own hair
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Braiding your own hair can be really difficult, especially if you're used to doing it on other people. The process is is completely different to braiding someone else's hair, mainly because you can't see everything all at once which confuses your fingers. The good news is there are a few ways to make braiding your own mane easier!

Keep practicing on other people

The better you are at braiding someone else's hair, the easier you'll find it to braid your own locks. Practice makes perfect plaits!

Start with damp hair

Clean, damp hair has way more grip than dry hair which makes it a lot easier to work with when you're figuring out a new braid. Just be careful not to pull it too tightly as damp hair is more vulnerable to damage.

Start with dirty hair

Similarly, unwashed locks are easier to braid with because they aren't as slippery as clean, dry strands.

Make dry shampoo your best friend

Apply dry shampoo before you start braiding. It will help bind the hair together which, like working with damp and dirty hair, makes the whole process a lot easier.

Ask your stylist for advice

The next time you're at the salon, get your hairdresser to give you a few pointers and even walk you through any particular braided hairstyle you really want to try. They are professional hairstyle experts after all...

Don't look in the mirror

Counter-intuitive though it seems, braiding without a mirror can really help because the reflection can cause your brain some left-right confusion and make you unintentionally mess up the braid. So, as long as you know how the technique works, doing it sans mirror shouldn't make a difference.

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