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How often should you really wash your hair?

/ 08.13.2015
What's your optimum shampoo schedule?
What's your optimum shampoo schedule?

How often you need to wash your hair depends on many factors like hair type, oiliness and real-life situations your locks can only recover from with the help of some suds. And as a general rule, it's often beneficial to figure out a rhythm that works for your schedule and your mane, rather than blindly following any suggestions to the letter.

That being said, there are a few simple guidelines to help you work out how often your strands should be shampooed. Check them out below!

1/ Fine hair

If you have particularly fine hair, you may find your mane loses volume quite quickly and/or can be prone to greasiness. Even though dry shampoo can tackle both of these issues for a couple of days, consider washing your hair three or four times a week, aiming for an every-other-day routine. Of course, you may feel more comfortable washing every day, do that.

2/ Medium to thick hair

With thicker strands, shampooing two or three times a week should be enough. That said, they do require a lot of moisture to stay strong and healthy, so it's important to keep your tresses topped up with leave-in conditioner and hair oil between washes. Whenever possible, you should also make time for a deep conditioning mask once a week, especially if you do a lot of heat styling.

3/ Coarse and curly hair

Over shampooing can strip coarse and curly hair of the moisture it so desperately craves, so washing it twice a week is usually enough. However, textured hair needs consistent hydration, so don't hesitate to co-wash in between (soaking your hair in the shower and using only conditioner), and keep your favorite leave in products on hand, too!

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