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How do I find my natural part and how can I change it?

/ 04.04.2014
How do I find my natural part and how can I change it?
How do I find my natural part and how can I change it?
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It can be hard to know where to part your hair but, if you're looking for your perfect part, we can tell you all you need to know. The first thing that you need to do is find our where your hair part falls naturally.

After washing your hair, towel dry. Next, using a tail comb and working in straight lines, comb the hair backwards. Once all of the hair is smooth, stop the comb a few inches from the hairline. Next, push the hair forward slightly so that it forms a pompadour shape. As you push the hair forward, your hair should split and your natural part should start to appear.

Go with the flow

To make the most of your natural part, use the long end of your tail comb to trace a line across your head, following the natural line that has already formed. Unless you are very lucky, your natural part probably won't be straight, so you'll probably have to move some strands to the right side of it with your tail comb.

Change it up

If you're not a fan of your natural part, or if it doesn't suit your face shape, then you can always change it. If you give yourself a brand new part, your hair should eventually get used to it. All it takes is a little training!

A good time to change your natural parting is just after having a shower in the evening before bed. When your hair is still damp, comb it through and part the hair exactly where you want your new part to be. Then, tie you hair back into a ponytail (so that it will stay put while you sleep) and leave it overnight. Eventually, the hair will find it's place, you might just need to repeat this a couple of times before it does so though!

You can also change your hair using a blow-dryer. Just be sure to apply some heat protectant spray to avoid excess heat damage.

So there you have it, your ultimate guide to finding and changing your hair part!

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