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High-volume hair tutorial for mid-length hair

/ 04.02.2014
High-volume hair tutorial for mid-length hair
High-volume hair tutorial for mid-length hair

High-volume hair will always have its place in fashion. It's a great way to play with the shape of your face and truly alter the look of your style. Also, high-volume hair can be worn down, or in an updo, and with either straight hair or wavy/curly hair. Is this starting to sound like the perfect hair trend? Volume is easy to achieve, and the resulting bounce, frizz or shape can be transformative. Let's get started.

Let's create it

1/ Inspiration

Think big. You can always clean this look up afterwards, so pump up the volume to the start. The only real decision you need to make before you begin is whether you want a frizzy look from root to tip, or if you'd like the base of your crown to support all of that volume (think 80's vs. 60's).

2/ Do it

You'll need a fine-bristled brush and some product. You may even want to grab an unused toothbrush if you have really fine hair. It helps to have freshly washed hair (it's lighter) and to add some product before you start.

If you want to get volume at your crown: back-comb/tease sections of the hair until your achieve your desired volume.

If you want volume all throughout your hair: try blow-drying your hair upside down. Tease your hair from roots to end (it may help to clip sections that you're not working on, especially if you have thick hair).

3/ Fun tip

Use an old crimper. Why not? Especially for fine hair, crimping adds texture and will create that high-fashion fluffy lion's mane. It works on the runway, so make it your own. Especially as the weather heats up... humidity may become your best friend.


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