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Hat head: how to wear your hair under a hat in winter?

/ 04.06.2014
Hat head: how to wear your hair under a hat in winter?
Hat head: how to wear your hair under a hat in winter?

Not everyone claims to be a hat person, but it's definitely a fashion trend that everyone should try on for size. Especially during those winter months, it's nice to tuck away under your favorite hat for both warmth and style. For short-haired peeps, finding a way to effectively style your hair underneath the hat isn't such a tricky ordeal, but for long hair there are some options to choose from. It helps to think of what style you're going for overall: chic, boho, rock or sporty. Here are some helpful tips!

The Basics

Let's face it: puffy hair under your hat is probably the one look you will want to avoid, both because it's a nuisance and because it doesn't look so hot! Try using smoothing serum or hair oil, or simply wearing your hair unwashed in the morning.

Hat Hair Styles

1/ - Air-dried locks

Truth be told, whether you've opted for an elegant fur hat or a slouchy toque, natural, air-dried tresses (however flat or even slightly wispy they may be) will be just fine as long as long as they aren't too puffy.

2/ - Waves

A nice body wave (keep things flat nearer the crown) looks amazing under a variety of hats, casual or otherwise. That wavy texture will serve any style well; and be sure to add some shine to those locks.

3/ - Barrel Curls

Barrel curls on the lower portion of the hair look great under any hat, particularly if you're trying to kick the elegance factor up a notch. Be sure to separate the individual curls in such a way that they're not overwhelming in volume.

4/ - Braids

French braids, fishtail braids, traditional braids, side braids: all of them are great with hats. Go for it.

5/ - Low bun

Depending on the position of your hat you might be able to pull off a nice, messy low bun, especially if you're opting for a boho-chic style. Get those pins out and create the perfect mess.


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