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Has air drying replaced the good old fashioned blowout?

/ 08.22.2014
Bye bye blow-dryer...
Bye bye blow-dryer...

As you're probably aware, there are essentially two different ways to dry your hair. You can choose between regular, natural air or a heat-blasting blow-dryer (they do have many temperature settings from cool-hot, but still). The question is, which one is better?

Unsurprisingly, the obvious answer to that is air-drying. Of course it is. Heat damage just isn't an issue - or even a possibility - and it requires significantly less effort than a blowout with its many brushes and compulsory heat protectants. Healthy hair guilt trips aside, it's the way the finished style looks which matters most to a lot of people. Funnily enough, it seems as though an undone air-dried finish wins on that front, too.

While the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria make great cases for that polished, salon-fresh look, the runways, it-girls and general omnipresence of tousled waves on the red carpet tell a different story. Harking back to the late sixties and bohemian seventies, loose, natural-looking waves are not only the biggest trend to emerge in the last couple of years but perhaps the only one that really stuck around.

We wouldn't be surprised if it also has a lot to do with beautiful people such as Blake Lively and Doutzen Kroes flaunting their intensely enviable locks in nothing but natural styles whenever they appear in public. We have to say, it's a trend we're happy to embrace with open arms! This is mainly due to radically reduced styling time which, when you think about it, equates to more time in bed...

Ultimately, it seems that simple, loose waves have won over just about everybody at the expense of the bouncy, voluminous blowout. But hey, maybe that means it'll make a huge comeback - literally and figuratively speaking - as the next big trend a few seasons down the line.

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