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Hairstyle tutorial: Get Brigitte Bardot hair

/ 04.01.2014
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  • Hairstyle tutorial: Get Brigitte Bardot hair
  • Hairstyle tutorial: Get Brigitte Bardot hair
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This tutorial is for those who are after voluminous hair, full of texture, girly and just a little bit vintage. Whether you know who the French movie icon Brigitte Bardot was or not, this relaxed bouffant hairstyle ticks all of the above. Plus, it's super easy to recreate! All you need is long or shoulder-length hair.

Retro Reigns

It only took a quick glance at the different Fashion Weeks to see that the Sixties are back in fashion. Mini-dresses, thick cat eyes, glamorous pin curls and bouffant ponytails have been taking over the front pages of glossy magazines, the runway and the red carpet. Get in on the trend by starting with a super simple bouffant like the one above.

Follow these five quick steps for a flawless bouffant:

1/ Step one

You'll be needing some volumizing mousse before you dry your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product evenly from root to tip on towel-dried hair.

2/ Step two

Take a barrel brush and the blowdryer to curl the hair only at the root. Then slowly move the dryer down the hair towards the tips without curling. Keep the temperature on medium: you don't want to burn your scalp! To make your style even bigger, blowdry in the opposite direction of where you want the hair to be styled.

3/ Step three

Create a center part – but don't worry about it being perfectly neat – apply a styling spray to the roots.

4/ Step four

Take the section of hair at the crown of your head and tease it. Once you've got enoguh volume, smooth over the top with a bristle brush. Don't forget to tease gently to avoid damaging your hair.

5/ Step five

Use a strong-hold hairspray to fix your locks in place, and push the hair up even higher with your hands for extra volume. If you hair is trying to escape in all directions, use bobby pins to hold the the hair down at the sides.

Happy styling!

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