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Hairstyle tutorial: Eva Longoria's braided updo

/ 11.04.2014
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  • Eva Longoria with a braided updo
  • Eva Longoria with a braided updo
  • Eva Longoria with a braided updo

If you're in need of a pretty hairstyle for a special occasion, you really can't go wrong with a braided updo, as demonstrated by the gorgeous Eva Longoria.

While her style looks fairly intricate, don't be put off because this hairstyle is just too lovely not to try! And hey, practice makes perfect, right?

Get the look

Step one
Brush your hair through to remove any tangles, then part it on whichever side you like best.

Step two
On the side with less hair, French braid from the crown, back to the nape of your neck. Secure the ends with a small hair tie.

Step three
Next, French braid the hair on the side with more hair, braiding all the way back to join the first braid. Don't worry if things seem a little messy, the extra texture only makes a hairstyle like this look more romantic!

Step four
Gather the unbraided hair and the ends of the braids into a low pony at the back.

Step five
Spray the lengths of the pony with salt spray, then gently tease with a fine tooth-comb to add volume and texture.

Step six
Arrange the pony into a messy chignon and secure with as many bobby pins as necessary - it varies depending on the thickness of your hair.

Step seven
Add shine and keep frizz at bay with a mist of strong-hold finishing spray to complete the look.

Whether you have a date night, a wedding, a party to attend, or you just want to get a little dressed up, this hairstyle won't let you down. So, will you attempt Eva Longoria's lovely braided chignon?


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