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Hairstyle tips: the trick celebrities use to fake a perfect hairline

/ 07.07.2016
Hairstyle tips: the trick celebrities use to fake a perfect hairline
 Hairstyle tips: the trick celebrities use to fake a perfect hairline

When it comes to the world of beauty, there are a plethora of different products, treatments, and techniques that can be used to fix the infinite number of beauty problems most of us face on a daily basis. The latest issue popping up on the scene? Hairlines.

Having a perfectly even hairline is a rising celebrity beauty trend and, according to E!, stars are striving for one because it shapes the face, gives the illusion of fuller hair, and makes you look younger.


Kim Kardashian was of course, an early adopter of the trend and achieved a clean hairline with laser hair removal. Another way celebs fake fuller hair is by filling in the hairline by using hair shadow – or if you're really short on time – eye shadow.

To do this, start off with clean, dry hair that allows you to see all of the spaces and uneven spots throughout your hairline. If you have blonde hair, use a light brown coloured eye shadow (or hair shadow), and if you're a brunette, opt for a darker shadow that matches your roots.

Use a fairly large shadow brush, and gently run the brush through the shadow colour, picking up as much powder as you can. Dab the brush into the uneven or empty spots on your head, until you've created a clean, even hairline. Spray your masterpiece with hairspray to ensure long-lasting wear!

A third way you can fake a perfect hairline is by taking hair from the base of the neck, applying gel, pulling it tight across the forehead, then securing with bobby pins. This trick apparently works best with tight, slicked-back styling.

So, there you have it. If you're in the mood for an ultra sophisticated look and perfectly manicured hairline to match, there are a few ways you can achieve this level of perfection. But, if you'd rather keep your baby hairs and uneven spots around for a while, that's great, too!

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