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Hairstyle tips for men with a 10-day beard

/ 04.03.2014
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  • Hairstyle tips for men with a 10-day beard
  • Hairstyle tips for men with a 10-day beard
  • Hairstyle tips for men with a 10-day beard
  • Hairstyle tips for men with a 10-day beard

It might not come as a total surprise, but a beard can totally change the way both your face and your hairstyle look. Even with some relatively new 10-day growth, you should start thinking about whether your current haircut is the right one to showcase your facial fuzz... if you plan on keeping it, that is!

It all depends on your current hair-length, natural texture and how much time you want to spend styling. The good news is that there are a few options to choose from when deciding on a new style to go with your new beard.

Don't complicate things

If you're unsure about what kind of haircut you want, it's best to go for a low-key look that can be dressed up or down as required.

Make sure you ask your stylist for a cut that has a little length on top. This will allow a little room to add texture – such as tousled, wavy, and piecey looks - as well as giving you the option to style in some extra height for a pompadour or rockabilly style.

A shorter haircut will make your beard the main (only) focus of your look and, depending on your face shape, can make your head look a little weighed-down. Beware!

An easy go-to style

For a quick and easy go-to hairstyle that is easy to shape and sculpt, work a little styling gum through the hair on top of your head and then smooth down the back and sides. Twist, tousle, and scrunch the longer parts of your hair for a disheveled but controlled look, lifting it up off your face, while maintaining plenty of shape and volume to complement a beard. This kind of hairstyle only takes two minutes to achieve and can be worn with just about any kind of attire imaginable.

So, will you keep your new beard after all?


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