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Hairstyle guide: how to achieve voluminous curls

/ 04.06.2014
Hairstyle guide: how to achieve voluminous curls
Hairstyle guide: how to achieve voluminous curls
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Slightly wild, voluminous curls are one of this year's biggest trends, not that they ever really went out of style. From tight, Shirley Temple-esque ringlets to big, Charlie's Angels-inspired waves, we've got the top tips and tricks to get curls and make them last!

The key to curls

One surefire way to achieve high volume is to blow dry your hair upside down (a diffuser will ensure even more height). Start by preparing your hair with curl-boosting shampoo and conditioner, comb through to get rid of any knots or tangles, then towel dry. Once the hair is a bit less damp, spray it through with heat protection and then turn your head upside down and dry it, scrunching up the air with your hands to create natural curl and volume. Another option is to use a curl-enhancing mousse or cream to give your hair some extra hold and body.

If that wasn't enough volume for you, you can always backcomb your hair gently at the root for extra lift. To do this, grab random sections of hair and hold them out, away from the scalp. Then, use a wide-tooth comb and comb from the ends of the hair toward the scalp. Warning: Be careful not to do this all over your head or you risk looking like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket!

If backcombing isn't your thing, another alternative is crimping. This focuses on creating extra texture to the hair and can give some real lift at the root. Simply section off the crown of your hair and secure it in a ponytail. Use a crimper and crimp near the root of the hair left loose. Then, let the ponytail loose and smooth the hair over the crimped areas to conceal them.

Happy styling!

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