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Haircare for men: when to get a trim

/ 04.02.2015
Regular trims are essential to maintain shape
Regular trims are essential to maintain shape

Finding a hairstyle you really love can easily turn into maintaining a signature look for months, years or even decades in some cases. To keep your trademark haircut looking as good as new, it's important to get regular trims - but why do you need them and exactly how regular should they be?

Why trims are important

Firstly, trims remove split and broken ends which is great for the overall health of your hair. Secondly, trims help to maintain the shape of your style, restoring it to the same dimensions as when you got the haircut in the first place - i.e. when you decided it made you look awesome.

In a similar vein, trims are essential for avoiding any awkward angles when growing your hair out.

How often to get a trim

On average, hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month. For some cuts, this won't make a huge difference, but for others like the undercut, it can throw your whole style completely out of whack.

For short haircuts, every 4-6 weeks is the general recommendation. If you need parts of your head shaved, you will most likely have to get this done more often, roughly twice per month or more often if your hair grows really fast.

If you have a longer style, you can go every 6-8 weeks as the small amount of growth in that time is less likely change the way your hair responds to your normal styling routine.

Let your hair decide

If these time slots don't really work for you, a good way to tell if you should get a trim or not is by paying attention to how your hair behaves. If it doesn't look as good as usual with your normal styling techniques and you aren't sure why, it's probably because the hair is just a fraction too long.

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