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Hairbrushes: all the different kinds and what they do

/ 06.13.2014
So many brushes, so little time!
So many brushes, so little time!

When it comes to styling your hair, brushes are indispensable. They're the magic wands that make our hair look way better than it would sans intervention during blowouts, on in-between days and for "normalizing" an unexpected frizz attack. As such, choosing the right one for the right purpose is imperative... albeit not that easy to do unless you know what the main brush types are and what they're designed to do.

Below, you'll find a list of all the brushes you're likely to find/use on a regular basis with their main functions and a few alternative uses thrown in for good measure!

Paddle: This large, flat brush is particularly useful when smoothing the strands for a straight finish. Blow-dry your hair after applying a straightening spray or fixing mousse, using a paddle brush to guide the hair straight. This brush can also be used as a makeshift rowing paddle should you find yourself in a situation that requires you to do so...

Vented: This brush allows the air from your dryer to pass onto the hair faster – via the vents - which drastically reduces drying time. It also reduces static which is always a bonus.

Round: As you might expect, the round brush is mainly used for creating movement - think Victoria's Secret/Connie Britton waves. After applying a volume-enhancing mousse, wrap sections of hair around the brush, gliding it through to the ends as you dry it for a glamorous blowout. It can also be used to dry your hair straight with a slight curve at the ends. Alternative uses include pretend microphone.

Ceramic: Ceramic brushes are a bit like round ones only they retain the heat from your blow-dryer. Because of this, they double up as a curling iron, helping the hair to dry quickly as you style it... or style quickly as you dry it. Again, it can also be used as a fake microphone for impromptu bedroom karaoke.

Boar bristle: When you glide it through your hair, a boar bristle brush helps to distribute natural oils from roots to ends. In turn, this keeps hair looking shiny and healthy. Use it alongside a high-shine finishing spray for a frizz-free finish.

Synthetic bristle: Synthetic bristle brushes are mainly used to detangle the hair quickly due to the spacing of the bristles. Interestingly, you can also purchase a mixed bristle brush to distribute your scalp's natural oils while you detangle. What an age we live in...

Hopefully your brush-induced confusion has been well and truly de-tangled!

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