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Hair Tips and tricks for women with naturally curly hair

/ 10.13.2016
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  • Hair Tips and tricks for women with naturally curly hair
  • Hair Tips and tricks for women with naturally curly hair
  • Hair Tips and tricks for women with naturally curly hair
  • Hair Tips and tricks for women with naturally curly hair

When it comes to curly hair, fighting frizz without weighing down your voluminous curls is only half of the daily struggle. Those with naturally curly hair also need to perform weekly leave-in and deep conditioning treatments to keep curls healthy and in tact. On top of that, creating one the simplest of hairstyles – like a ponytail, for example – on curly hair can turn out totally wrong without the proper technique.

That's why Get The Look is offering women with natural curls a few tips and tricks for keeping their curls tame and in tact.


Deep conditioning your hair overnight is not only great for your curly locks, but it takes absolutely no time out of your day to complete. Simply rinse your hair about two hours before you go to bed (to avoid sleeping with wet hair), apply your deep conditioner or treatment, then hit the pillow. When you wake up in the morning, wash your hair as you would normally, with shampoo and conditioner. This will not only keep your hair moisturized and healthy, but deep conditioning your curly hair will make it more cooperative and easier to work with come morning!


If you have naturally curly hair, keeping frizz away may be just one of your daily battles. To prevent frizzy curls, dry your hair with a microfibre towel after washing. If you don't have a microfibre towel, a simple T-shirt will do the job just as well!


When it comes to putting your hair up into a ponytail, women with naturally voluminous curls may find that their ponytails have more volume than length. To create a ponytail with length, create three ponytails on your head instead of just one. To do this, section the top portion of your hair off (starting just above the ears) into a ponytail. You should now be left with what's known as a half-up half-down style with loose hair at the bottom section of your head.

Next, grab a section of hair from the middle of your head, leaving a generous amount of hair loose at the bottom half of your head. Place the middle section into a ponytail just beneath the ponytail you originally created. Lastly, create a ponytail with the remaining hair at the bottom of your head. You should be left with three ponytails – one on the top, one in the middle and one on the bottom – of your head, giving off the illusion of one long, voluminous ponytail!


It may sound chilling, but rinsing your curls with cold water after shampooing and conditioning will seal the moisture into your hair, leaving it less frizzy and a lot shinier. Frizz is difficult to control without volume, so when it comes to curly hair, getting rid of frizz is a must. On top of that, shiny hair will enhance your curls, giving them a more defined look.


When you have voluminous, curly hair, the last thing you want to do is weigh it down with a heavy load of styling products. When shopping for hair products, think lightweight that you can use to moisturize certain sections of your hair that need it. In only applying products to certain sections of your hair, you aren't overloading your hair and causing unnecessary product buildup that will weigh it down.

When applying product to your hair, spray the edges of your head and the crown with water (you can do this with a spray bottle). Next, grab your favourite leave-in conditioner or moisturizing hair product and run it across the top of your hair gently with your fingers. Avoid digging the product into the hair and combing it through so that you don't disturb any curls.


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