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Hair Products: tips and tricks for using these 4 products

/ 10.27.2016
Hair Products: tips and tricks for using these 4 products
 Hair Products: tips and tricks for using these 4 products

Finding a hair routine that consistently works well for your 'do has both its ups and downs. Sure, locking down reliable styling aids, accessories, and tools is the best way to execute tried-and-true looks in no time, but it also means that you're no longer discovering new styles or trying more intimidating options.

So, in the spirit of trying something new with the tools and products you already own, we're giving you a few tips and tricks for using your most basic products.



Hairspray is one of the most common hair products out there – but believe it or not, there's a better way to use it when you want to control flyaways. Try spraying the hairspray directly onto your hands rather than your head, then apply it with your fingers or entire palm, before smooth back hair. Then, take the can and roll it along the hairline – this rolling effect will help suppress those unwanted stray hairs. In other words, you're basically steamrolling those pesky flyaways down, so that they'll stay put more securely.


Mousse is a foamy styling product that takes some patience and know how to get the most out of it. If used incorrectly, it can weigh down the hair and make it super sticky. But it also makes injecting volume and bounce into a hairstyle fast and easy. The right way to use it? Apply mousse on towel-dried, damp hair and then reach for a round brush. Smooth out the hair with the brush, lifting the root 90 degrees. For a little extra lift, let the hair cool on the brush – it will settle in the shape and give you a beautiful bounce.


It may think you know how to properly use a flat iron, until you accidentally burn yourself and hide it away forever! To avoid burning yourself (and your hair) tap the iron in quick motions around your scalp to get the roots flat. You don't need to necessarily pull it through or clamp it closed, since the tapping will let you straighten the hair closest to your scalp without burning the skin on the edges of the plates.


When it comes to texture spray, most people prefer a beach spray (if you don't mind a dry and sticky finish). Tips for making a beach spray give you style without the crunch? Spray it onto partially blowdried hair and let it air-dry with the product in it. That way, you get the cool, beachy texture, but with more control over the style you want to create.


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