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Hair colour trend: 4 reasons to adopt 'bronde' this season

/ 11.10.2016
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  •  Hair colour trend: 4 reasons to adopt 'bronde' this season
  •  Hair colour trend: 4 reasons to adopt 'bronde' this season
  •  Hair colour trend: 4 reasons to adopt 'bronde' this season
  •  Hair colour trend: 4 reasons to adopt 'bronde' this season
  •  Hair colour trend: 4 reasons to adopt 'bronde' this season
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Over the past few years, multicolour hair has reared its head on the locks of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Nicole Richie and most recently, Hailey Baldwin. But despite their continued efforts to abandon natural hues for the sake of standing out, multicolour hair seems to be over. It's replacement? Bronde.

Yes, bronde. Blonde and brown – or in other words – the hair colour many of us were born with is popping up everywhere lately, giving us a break from the bold hues that have dominated for the past few years. Think of bronde as the beauty world's day off. It allows for time to breathe, to keep your hair healthy, and embrace a natural look. Still not convinced? We're giving you 4 reasons to adopt bronde – or better yet – your natural hair colour this season.



One of the best things about bronde hair is that it's the colour many of us were already born with, meaning it requires little to no maintenance to keep up. Dying your hair (or worse, bleaching it) over and over again is bad enough for your hair as is. Add a dry winter to the mix and you're looking at a recipe for some serious damage! That's why it's best to embrace your natural colour – if not for a season – to avoid dying your hair when it's already dry. If you aren't a natural blonde, all it takes is one dye job and then you get to allow your hair to grow out as it would!


Last year, Blake Lively made headlines when she abandoned her golden hues for a darker shade and then Jennifer Lopez cut all her hair off and dyed it a similar tone, establishing bronde as the normcore of hair trends. More recently, Gigi Hadid swapped her Cali girl golden locks for the darker shade earlier this week.

If having a plethora of celebrity inspiration to draw from when styling your hair (or even choosing the perfect makeup looks to go with your bronde locks) isn't enough to convince you to go bronde, then we don't know what is!


This season, it's all about keeping this as natural as possible. This beauty trend first began with the resurgence of the no-makeup, makeup trend earlier this year, and continues in the form of bronde locks. If there's one beauty lesson to be learned, it's that it's important to embrace your natural colours – it always looks best! Better yet, natural hair means less maintenance and saves you a trip to the salon!


Unlike dramatic multicolour trends, bronde hair often looks good with multiple skin tones and eye colours. Whether you're fair skinned with light eyes, or dark skinned with brown eyes, bronde hair will bring out your warm undertones to enhance or compliment your complexion!

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