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Hair care tips for your vacation

/ 08.05.2014
Sun, sea, sand... and LOTS of conditioner
Sun, sea, sand... and LOTS of conditioner

When you're on vacation, or just making the most of your summer at home, there is more than just your skin to think about when dealing with the effects of UV rays, sand, chlorine and sea salt. Your hair needs a little extra TLC to help keep it looking and feeling its best, too!

The good news is that, with the right products, this is actually pretty easy to stay on top of.

Like body, like hair: hydrate!

One of the absolute most important things you need to do is keep your hair hydrated... which can be tricky when you're constantly dipping in and out of salt and/or chlorinated water. This makes your strands dry out a lot faster than normal which means you have to put the moisture back in more often than you usually would. To keep your locks well-moisturized, use a conditioner habitually after each shampoo and treat your hair to a deep-conditioning mask every couple of days.

Both will help to replenish whatever gets lost during your time at the beach or pool without adding a great deal of time to your regular routine.

Nourish your locks

After washing, and throughout the day, prevent your ends from drying out with a nourishing hair oil. To make things super easy, just throw the bottle in your beach tote along with your sunscreen before you head out.

Banish frizz

If your hair is prone to bouts of humidity-induced frizz or tends to behave different in warm weather, invest in a serum and keep it close by for the duration of your getaway. Just a small amount applied to dry or damp hair helps to smooth down frizz and pesky flyaways while helping to maintain a natural shine.

Use protection!

Lastly, you should always use a heat protectant whenever you style your hair. This is something you should do all the time but when your tresses are already dealing with the consequences of hot weather, it becomes doubly important. So, don't forget to pack your styling spray/mousse/cream! If you can, try and take a break from heat styling while you're away to best avoid split ends and breakage.

With the right products on your side, you and your hair can get out there and really make the most of what's left of the summer!


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