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Hair Care: 3 easy hairstyles that make your hair healthier

/ 05.26.2016
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  •  Hair Care: 3 easy hairstyles that make your hair healthier
  •  Hair Care: 3 easy hairstyles that make your hair healthier
  •  Hair Care: 3 easy hairstyles that make your hair healthier

While we love a good blowout, glamorous, volumized curls, or a sleek flat-ironed look, some of the most coveted hairstyles often come with heavy damage on your valued long locks. And while there are many treatments, leave-in conditioners, and hair masks that can help repair your hair, they don't often see the light of day. That's why we're making it easier for you to repair your hair anywhere at anytime – at work, on a date, or even during a night out.

With the right hairstyles, treatments are no longer confined to isolated hair salons or our beds at night. Check out our major hair inspiration that will allow you to treat your hair with leave-in formulas and look great while doing it!


Rather putting your hair through major damage (see: extensions, Brazilian blowouts, hot tools), opt for a low, twisted bun that will allow you to wear a leave-in treatment at the same time. To re-introduce moisture to your hair, use a rich mask and comb it from root to tip through dry hair. Next, gather your hair in a low ponytail, and twist it until it rolls in on itself. Secure the look with another elastic in the form of a bun, leaving the ends free. If you have superfine hair, you can also opt for a leave-in conditioning spray to achieve this look.

Our favourite part about this style? Twists and braids are having a major moment on the runways this year, allowing you to achieve healthy hair and stay on-trend!


For a much-needed scalp-soothing treatment, use a hair oil or serum that will support and strengthen the hair from the root, as well as provide it with essential oils for moisture. The healthier your scalp, the less hair falls out and the more voluminous it becomes. To achieve this look, dispense multiple drops of oil all over the scalp and gently massage it in with your fingers. Coat the remaining length and ends with the same oil.

Next, part your hair in the middle, and secure each side into two low pigtails. Braid each pigtail, then wrap each strand of hair around itself and secure with bobby pins or an elastic at the nape.


Between heat styling and exposure to the sun, your hair's pH level can get out of wack, meaning dull, lackluster hair. To perform damage control, mist on a leave-in spray like L'Oreal's Arginine Resist x3 Reinforcing Leave-In Spray while hair is slightly damp. Rub a hair oil between your hands and gently smooth it over the top of the head down to the ends.

Pull the hair into a long, tousled ponytail mid-head, and secure with an elastic. Use a hair dryer on very low heat to add texture to your ponytail.

After each treatment is complete (or your day is done) rinse thoroughly with warm water and proceed with your regularly scheduled style!


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