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Growing long hair: styles to keep you motivated

/ 11.10.2014
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  • Long hair inspiration
  • Zoe Saldana with long wavy hair
  • Blake Lively with tousled waves
  • Long, messy hair
  • J-Lo and her perfect ombre locks
  • Long curly hair inspiration
  • Long 'barely there' waves
  • Swept back curls
  • Long and glossy
  • Lea Michele with glossy waves
  • Brushed back hair
  • Long curly faux half hawk
  • Messy bouffant hairstyle
  • Julianne Moore with tumbling waves
  • Hollywood waves with a wet look sheen
  • Ombre waves
  • Braided half-up hairstyle
  • Blake Lively with messy waves
  • Long hair inspiration
  • Long, straight hair

If you're currently in the middle of it, you'll know that growing your hair long takes a whole lot of time and patience. You'll also know that it can be frustrating, and sometimes you might just want to give up and go back to your old short cut. That's where we come in.

Above, you'll find a gallery full of inspiring looks to help keep you and your hair on track!

Start experimenting

When growing your hair, it's good to divert your attention from how slowly it's growing - a painful half inch per month - by styling what you already have into some new updos and/or half-up 'dos. You'll need a few hairstyle ideas up your sleeve when your hair gets long anyway, so why not start practicing as soon as you have enough hair to pin up?

Try a textured bun or a pretty chignon to get started. To get the perfect texture, rough dry your hair after applying a volumizing mousse before you start.

Beautiful braids

Braids are gorgeous on hair of any length, so make the most of them as soon as your locks are long enough to work with.

For a glossy, flyaway-free finish, don't skimp on the finishing spray!

Patience is a virtue...

...albeit an annoying one. The inconvenient truth for anyone growing their hair out is that it takes time and, aside from all the distractions, all you can really do is wait it out while keeping your eyes on the prize.

Make sure you keep you hair healthy and hydrated, get regular trims (even if it seems completely counter-intuitive) and rest safe in the knowledge that eventually, you'll have the mane you've been dreaming of!


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