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Give your hair more volume through styling

/ 04.02.2014
Give your hair more volume through styling
Give your hair more volume through styling

Sometimes it can seem like getting full, voluminous hair is nigh on impossible – so hard and time-consuming that you could compare it to climbing Mount Everest! But now you can stop sweating, because all you need are a few failsafe styling techniques, and the right products.

Here are all the tricks of the trade that you'll need to get the big, voluminous hair that you've been dreaming of!

Be a tease...

An easy and quick way to give your hair a boost is by teasing the roots at the crown of your head. This adds lift and stops fine hair appearing too flat. This can also give your hair a fun, retro look. Just be sure to use a bristle brush of fine-toothed comb, and to do it slowly and gently. If you pull your follicles roughly in any direction you risk breaking them, or at the very least giving yourself a head full of split ends in the process.

Top tip – Use a creation spray before starting. It will protect your hair and make it easy to style.

Give it some lift

Just the slightest change to your blowdry technique could really make all the difference. Firstly, use a heat protectant that also has volumizing qualities. Using a barrel brush as you blowdry will also help you get voluminous curls or waves. By curling the barrel brush at the ends of the hair, you can create movement and the illusion of more body.

Top tip- massaging your hair at the roots also gives you natural volume without using products or damaging your hair

Waves and curls

Different textures give the impression that your hair is big and full of life. For large, retro curls, use a curling iron and hairspray. For surfer-girl tousled waves, twist small sections of wet hair in your fingers, tousle/wave creating spray, blowdry, then run your fingers through the twisted sections to separate. Scrunch and shake your head to finish.

Top tip – apply a volumizing mousse before you start styling to get an even bigger hairstyle!

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