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French Braid Tutorial: try a chic side ponytail

/ 08.19.2014
Who said braids needed to be difficult?
Who said braids needed to be difficult?
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Like a lot of things - including winged eyeliner and most public transport systems - many braided hairstyles seem really complicated and thus a little intimidating the first time to you try them out. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try, however, especially as there are quite a few pretty plaits that aren't at all complicated to achieve. All it takes is a little practice, promise! This French braided side pony is one such style that is both pretty and pretty easy when you know how.

If you can already French braid, you're 95% of the way there, the only thing you need to master is doing so at a weird angle so the braid trails horizontally across the back of your head instead of straight down. In order to master the look, just follow the tutorial below.

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Step one
Begin by brushing your hair through then part it deep on one side.

Step two
Next, tip your head so that your cheek is parallel with the floor. At your hairline on the side facing upward, take a piece of hair from near your temple and divide it into three sections.

Step three
Now you can start braiding the hair, adding small pieces into the braid as you go.

Step four
Keep braiding until your reach the other side of your head then secure the braid just below your ear.

Step five
If the resulting braid looks a little messy, that's totally fine because tousled, bohemian styles are right on-trend at the moment! You can pin back any major pieces that have fallen out and even pin down parts of the braid if you need to.

Step six
Tease a couple of wispy sections loose at the front to frame your face then complete the look with a mist of strong-hold finishing spray. That's it!

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