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Framing your face: matching glasses and hairstyles

/ 04.06.2014
Framing your face: matching glasses and hairstyles
Framing your face: matching glasses and hairstyles
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A chance to match a great pair of glasses with a fashion forward hairstyle should not be missed, but, more importantly, as a glasses wearer you probably seek flattering combinations for everyday style. For those of us who do not have the pleasure of accentuating our glance with a pair of trendy frames, we may not realize that wearing glasses comes with some of its own unique hairstyling questions and queries, such as: how to choose the right hairstyles for your glasses? You'll want to treat this as a composition issue, just like when considering faces shapes and hairstyles.

Inspiration: remember that you want your hairstyle and glasses to jive with, or even accentuate, one another. You want to look and be comfortable in your glasses and your hairstyle so that you feel confident in a variety of looks.

Square/rectangle frames

For large square frames try wearing your hair down with a dramatic side part. Work in a soft body wave and experiment with keeping your forehead open. Opening up your face lets your bold frames speak for themselves. For an updo version, sweep your hair backward in a relaxed, romantic style and create a chignon or French twist. Pull some hair down to frame your face. This delicate look pairs great with angular frames.

Round/Oval frames

For oval frames try texturized locks: leave in some braids overnight and play with your tresses to relax the look in the a.m. The texture of your hair will serve as a contrast to the softness of your frames. When wearing your hair down, get some volume at the roots for added oomph. Try braids of any sort - the low side braid is always cute! Don't be afraid to try out a messy bun or top knot.

Cat eye frames

When considering wearing your hair down while sporting cat eye frames, try out loose curls or a sweeping side bang. Voluminous, tousled tresses along with a side-part will also look great. For updos, try either the sleek or curly version of a low side bun. Accessorizing your hair is an art in itself, so have fun with some classic hairbands or perhaps an occasional flower of your liking.

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