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Essential winter haircare for naturally curly hair

/ 02.05.2015
Cold weather haircare for your curls
Cold weather haircare for your curls

For naturally curly hair, winter is the one of the most difficult times of year. Sure, dryness is a year-round issue, but it's generally worse during the colder months. So, what can you do to make caring for your curls as effective as possible until spring?

1. Condition... a lot!

When dryness is the problem, surely moisture is the solution. For curly hair, that means a whole lot of conditioner. To keep your coils well-hydrated, condition after you shampoo, then use leave-in conditioner between washes to keep the ends and mid-lengths moisturized.

You should also be using a deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis. It will help to replenish lost nutrients and moisture (gee, thanks dry air!) leaving you with softer, better hydrated curls.

2. Plan your washes

Going outside with wet hair isn't an option during winter, so you'll need to schedule washes for when you have plenty of time to blow-dry or, ideally, air dry. Evenings are always a good option, as are lazy weekend days.

FYI, for those of you wishing to cut back on how often you shampoo, winter is the perfect time to do it!

3. Don't rush the drying process

When blow-drying your hair, make sure to use the diffuser attachment, and don't rush it. Keep the dryer on a medium heat setting and protect your strands with a curl cream or mousse before you start.

4. Protect your curls

To minimize the effects of cold air on your curls while you're outside, keep them protected in a bun or braid, and cover them with a hat or scarf.


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