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Disheveled men's hair tutorial for a formal occasion

/ 04.06.2014
Disheveled men's hair tutorial for a formal occasion
Disheveled men's hair tutorial for a formal occasion
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When you plan a hairstyle for a formal occasion, you're probably not thinking about tousled, messy hair. So, it might come as a surprise that you can actually get away with a little controlled chaos if you style it right.

The truth is that "messy" can send out all kinds of messages from rebellious to cool to dynamic, not to mention a little bit sexy. And hey, all of those things are pretty great when done properly, right? Well, we think so and, as a result, we've come up with an easy hair tutorial to help you create a messy hairstyle that you can wear everywhere from your cousin's wedding to a college party.

Under control

This kind of hairstyle requires dry hair to start with and some matte styling putty.

1/ Step one

Begin by warming a little product in your hands before running it through all of your hair. You should pay special attention to the front, mostly because that's what most people will see when they look at you!

2/ Step two

Next, pull the top section of your hair forwards, separating it slightly from the sides and disheveling it a little with your fingers.

3/ Step three

For extra height, push the foremost section of your hair upwards. Add more of the product for extra hold if you need it, but be careful not to overload your hair. Twist the front section a little to create a flick, making it appear slightly rugged. Don't be afraid of styling random sections of hair in different directions around it, either!

4/ Step four

If you have especially fine hair, add more texture by twisting small strands of hair at random and then unraveling them with your fingers. A slight scrunch here and there won't hurt either.

5/ Step five

Finally, double check that your hair is totally tousled and messy, in a controlled way, from all angles and make sure that little pomp is still intact.

FYI, the lifted section at the front is the part that will alert your boss and/or anyone else who might potentially disapprove to the fact you actually bothered styling your hair and didn't just roll right out of bed...

That's it!

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