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Curling iron tips: how to get perfect waves

/ 10.16.2014
Loose waves
Loose waves

Cascading waves are always guaranteed to look romantic. This kind of hairstyle is sultry and very feminine, whether you have Rapunzel-esque tresses or something a little closer to shoulder-length locks. For waves that look totally natural, not to mention naturally well-behaved, one of the best ways to style them is by using a curling iron.

The size of the iron you use determines the size of the curls and the heat will fix them into place. This gives you more control over the curl than you would get with beach waves or windswept hair, for example.

Get the look

Step one
After towel-drying your hair to remove excess moisture, apply a curling mousse or cream evenly throughout and blow-dry. Use a round brush at this point to create some initial waves at the ends.

Step two
Use a tail comb to define a side part or a slightly off-center part then comb the hair through to fix it in place.

Step three
Take your curling iron and create some defined waves through the lengths of your hair, working in small sections. If you want a really laid back look, choose a bigger iron, especially for the front sections of hair or bangs. Comb it through again once you're done.

Top tip - When curling the hair at the front, curl it away from your face.

Step four
Spray all the hair generously with a strong-hold finishing spray and then muss and tousle it a little with your hands. This will create a slightly unkempt, bed head look. That's it!

This hairstyle can be dressed up with dramatic for a night out or keep things simple with something more natural during the day.

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