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Braiding Bravado: Crown braid made easy

/ 04.06.2014
Braiding Bravado: Crown braid made easy
Braiding Bravado: Crown braid made easy
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The braided crown always looks so intriguing but it often intimidates amateur braiders with its seeming complexity. Luckily there is a way to side step the elaborate act of French braiding and skip right to the end result. That's right: the feigned braided crown.

For most of us, regular braiding is our strong suit, so go with your strengths. However with this style, you'll be sticking to your comfort zone while still pushing the style envelope by arranging the traditional braid in a new way. The results are pretty perfect. The best part is you don't have to save this style for a special occasion anymore, so get creative with when you wear it and how you wear it!

Let's create it

1/ Inspiration:

Think Greek goddess, medieval, regal, or even boho. Whichever braiding imagery will best inspire you. This look exudes a kind of picturesque beauty. It's ornate and just all around great.

2/ Do it

Start with dry hair. Divide your hair into two low ponytails. Braid each ponytail to its end and secure with an elastic. Take each braid and curl it upward, positioning it in a half-crown formation. Pin to secure. Make sure the hair at the top of your head (where the braids meet) lay flat. Smooth flyways and you're all set.

3/ Fun Tip

For the boho version, keep some hair loose around your face, or keep a few of the back strands down and curl them. You can also accessorize to make the hairstyle a bit more eclectic.

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