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Blow-drying for that straight, sleek look

/ 04.02.2014
Blow-drying for that straight, sleek look
Blow-drying for that straight, sleek look
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Sometimes we just want really, really straight hair. Especially for those of us who have wavy or otherwise unruly hair, it's nice to have the option to wear it straight for a change. Even when considering updos it's sometimes nice (or helpful) to begin with straight hair, not to mention that straightness is a key aspect of any hairstyle that could be described as "sleek".

Getting hair to be perfectly stream-lined can be tricky for a number of reasons: sometimes it decides to go frizzy, or take on a life of its own throughout the day, or just look somewhat lifeless. To counter these problems, let's look to the tricks of the blow-drying trade.

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Start by conditioning your hair well so that it does not tangle easily. Apply anti-frizz product or smoothing serum, as well as a hairstyling product (for hold) to damp hair. Be sure to use a wide-toothed comb and comb through your hair gently (starting at the ends) to remove all tangles initially. Pin up the majority of your hair and begin by blow-drying the underneath portions first.

Once you've essentially de-tangled your tresses, switch to a wide-surfaced or circular brush to run through each section individually and blow-dry it. When your hair is nearly dry, blast it with the "cool" setting on the hairdryer to get the hair cuticles to lay flat. Run some more shine serum through your hair.

Blow-drying leaves hair shiny and smooth to the touch, and with a nice flowing appearance. This blow-drying process should do the trick for straightening hair, but a straightener is always a handy tool for touch ups, of course!

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