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Blake Lively hairstyle inspiration: regular vs fishtail ponytail

/ 12.17.2014
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Which braided ponytail would you wear?

Certain hairstyles can be worn for any occasion and one such look happens to be the braided ponytail. Whether there's a red carpet or a yoga mat beneath your feet, this hairstyle - as championed by L'Oréal Paris spokesperson Blake Lively - won't let you down.

The question is, do you think a ponytail looks better with a regular braid or a fishtail?

A chic long hair look

An airy, voluminous braid looks gorgeous on anyone and will go with pretty much any outfit. On top of that, it's a really easy hairstyle to recreate, even if your braiding skills are a little rusty. The messier you make it, the more glamorously disheveled the end result will be!

Styling tip - To achieve the fullest possible finish, mist your hair with a volume enhancing spray and gently tease it with a fine-tooth comb before braiding it.

A more intricate ponytail

A fishtail braid technique will create a more intricate finish, due to the finer herringbone structure woven down the length of the ponytail. While it may appear more complicated than a regular three-strand braid, a fishtail is actually pretty easy once you have the method down pat. After practicing it a couple of times, you'll wonder how it ever seemed so hard, promise!

Styling tip - For extra grip when braiding, mist your hair all over with hairspray before you start.

What's the verdict? Which braided ponytail gets your vote?


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