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Best guy hair for formal occasions

/ 04.02.2014
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  • Best guy hair for formal occasions
  • Best guy hair for formal occasions
  • Best guy hair for formal occasions
  • Best guy hair for formal occasions

It's well known that guys sort of get the short end of the stick when it comes to receiving hair styling advice. While girls are constantly bombarded by all the new hot haircuts, trends and accessories in magazines, online and within the general fashion consciousness, guys' style advice is a little more passive and subtle.

So, for those of you who haven't developed a knack for honing hairstyles, you may feel that you're left scratching your head when faced with basic hair decisions, such as how to style hair for a formal event. If you're not well-versed in the range of hairstyling options, then there's always the runway for direct inspiration!

The formal look

Let's talk formal. It's important to feel like you've achieved a stylish and appropriate look when attending an upscale event. Let's look at some basic styles.

1/ - The textured look

Creating the right textured look goes a long way. It's stylish, trendy and a trusty, go-to hairstyle. Whether or not you're using a middle part or a side part, this look goes great with a suit and tie. Keeping this style really short on the sides is a tip for getting a clean, sleek look.

2/ - The dapper side-part

This groomed look is charming and a great choice for a formal affair. It's a little less tightly kept than the textured look and has just enough flow and style to hit the mark for a perfect upscale hairstyle.

3/ - The messy look

The messy look done right can work wonders for any formal ensemble. The trick is to have a haircut that lends itself to the messy do and to use enough of the right kind of product to keep this look under control. You can really get creative with this style, and it's a stunner when worn with confidence.


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