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Bad haircuts: what to do when it happens to you

/ 03.27.2015
Bad haircuts are so terrible when you know how to deal with them!
Bad haircuts are so terrible when you know how to deal with them!

There are some things that are guaranteed to put you in a terrible mood, and a bad haircut is definitely one of them! If you've recently fallen victim to a botched crop and find yourself not exactly loving your locks right now, don't panic, because there are a few things you can do to ease the pain.

You have options

Make sure you take a little time to sit down and really consider all of your options, rather than rushing out to another salon and getting it "fixed". You may still be in a bit of a funk when you do so which could just lead to another regrettable hairstyle.

Make a fresh start

If you've been pondering the possibility of a pixie cut, a half hawk or any other edgy short cut, now might be the perfect time to go for the chop. After all, when life gives you a lemon of a haircut, you may as well create a ridiculously cool new look with it!

Road test some new styles

If you don't want to go for a whole new look, try experimenting with some different styling techniques. You can use a little matte wax to hold your locks in place, sweep some gel back through your hair for a wet-look finish, or keep everything on lockdown with a headband or bandana... it's totally up to you.

Talk it out

Such is the protocol for any awkward situation, it's a good idea to talk about it with a friend. Call your BFF, meet them for coffee and just let it all out. Who knows, they might come up with a gorgeous new hairstyle idea for you!

Get an awesome hat

If all else fails, treat yourself to a great new hat and hide beneath it movie star style until you figure out what to do next.


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