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Bad hair day solutions – get crafty!

/ 04.05.2014
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  • Bad hair day solutions – get crafty!
  • Bad hair day solutions – get crafty!
  • Bad hair day solutions – get crafty!
  • Bad hair day solutions – get crafty!

We've all been there and it is utterly inconvenient. Bad hair days can be a drag, and the luxury of a redo is not always there. You can't necessarily hop in the shower with your favorite shampoo and handiest hair products to start from scratch. Here are some quick tips and tricks that will help you befriend bad hair and not be at odds with it all day. Just like with outfits: the more you own it, the better it's going to look.

The messy braid

Braids can look cutting edge when they're done sloppily. There are a few occasions where the statement, "the frizzier the better" applies. Try whipping your hair into a braid and playing with the loose bits to get it looking wild but cool. Keep some bobby pins in your purse to keep things proper enough. But, ultimately, just use the magic of the braid to gain some control over your unruly locks.

The lazy ponytail

A nice, laid back ponytail can be the answer to your bad hair day prayers. Also, greasiness doesn't hinder this look; it actually helps things out a bit. Pull your hair back (smooth the fly-aways) and secure with an elastic, or a cool scrunchie if you want to spice things up. You can even twist a loop of hair around the elastic to make things feel a little more put together.

Tousled tresses

Why not go with the flow and embrace the tousled look? If your hair is already wavy, knotty, frizzy, whatever the case may be, use some product to separate the strands and gain some controlled texture. Add a couple tiny braids into the mix and it will look like you were going for the full-on beachy appeal.

Top bun

When all else fails, opt for the top bun. Wrapping hair up into a bun style will stop your bad hair day in its tracks and reveal nothing.

There you have it; bad hair days don't need to be all that bad. They might even turn into something pretty good.


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