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Avoiding flat hair for men: tricks of the trade

/ 09.08.2014
L'Oréal Paris spokesperson, man of action and Hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds never has flat hair. Or maybe no one notices, thanks to his eye-catching polka dot pocket squares.
L'Oréal Paris spokesperson, man of action and Hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds  never  has flat hair. Or maybe no one notices, thanks to his eye-catching polka dot pocket squares.

Limp hair is one of those annoyingly persistent hairstyle problems that a lot of men have to deal with. It's totally normal, which turns out to be a good thing because, thanks to a lot of other people's frustrated/creative research, there are a few different remedies that the uninitiated can call on. Full disclosure - flat locks can be caused by a whole bunch of things, so dealing with them may require a little experimentation to figure out exactly what will work for your hair.

The general idea is to get your natural bounce back. This means that when you pull a piece of hair taught or squash it, it can and will snap back to its original, root-lifted state. To do this, you may need to adapt your whole haircare routine or just a small part of it.


Irritatingly, your scalp can be super demanding when it comes to shampoo. It's possible to both wash your hair too often and not often enough. If your hair becomes greasy quite quickly, it could just be your scalp reacting to the drying effects of over-shampooing with excess oil production. To manage this, try using a dry shampoo on day two to soak up the oil and help boost your hair at the root. Alternatively, you may not be shampooing often enough and product build-up could be weighing your hair down after a few days.


For a lot of people, letting their hair dry on its own can leave it looking a little lackluster. To combat this, try using a dryer to add volume and to raise your locks from the scalp up. As you dry, lift your hair with your fingers and blast the roots.


As we already mentioned, too much product can cause build-up which is a major culprit when it comes to limpness. It can be an over-styled nightmare of a chain reaction, unless you're using the right products and the right amount of them. Try switching to flexible products such as L'Oréal Paris Studio Line TXT Deconstructing Cream Wax or Shaping Pomade, which are formulated specifically not to leave residue.


Finally, fixing your flat hair could as simple as getting a haircut. When the hair gets a little too long, it can stop behaving the way you want it to, or at all. So, a trim could be just the ticket to that fresh, full-bodied hair you've been looking for.

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