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Amy Poehler's new red hair: celebrity hairstyle crush

/ 05.19.2015
Amy Poehler with red hair
Amy Poehler with red hair

There are some people who are just awesome all of the time and new redhead Amy Poehler is one of them! The former Parks and Recreation star was spotted at the Cannes Film Festival this week in support of her new film, Pixar's Inside Out, in which she plays Joy, a voice inside a little girl's head.

Talking about the movie, Poehler said: "I basically just do one character," said Poehler about playing the feeling of Joy. "But it's nice to go to work and your job is to tell everyone that everything's going great... It's an artistic endeavour that I feel truly adds value to the world... I don't know if I've worked on another film where I could say that."

Getting back to Amy's own head, however, we were seriously impressed with her new hair color. The SNL alumnus has now joined a pantheon of iconic celebrities with flame red locks and stellar careers, including Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Florence Welch, Christina Hendricks and Jessica Chastain to name but a few. It seems redhead is actually code for awesome!

Before you dye your own hair

If you're feeling inspired by Amy Poehler's new hairstyle and want to try a similar look, check with your stylist or colorist before getting some beautiful red tresses of your own. Depending on the hair color you're starting with, it may take more than one session to get the shade just right, and you need to make sure your strands can handle it. You should also be prepared for some serious post-dye haircare, as your locks will be left vulnerable and prone to dryness.


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