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Added charm for ponytails everywhere: why accessories are the best!

/ 04.03.2014
Added charm for ponytails everywhere: why accessories are the best!
Added charm for ponytails everywhere: why accessories are the best!
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Ponytails can be a fun style to get creative with, and adding accessories can really transform them. No matter your style persona, you'll be able to find an accessory of sorts that will embellish your look, or help you bring a new one to life. So what are the top hair accessories that are either making an appearance or sustaining their fashion fame in 2014?

Tie-wrap accessories

Try wrapping a wire-based bow around your ponytail. This simple little accessory is equivalent to pure cuteness and comes in a variety of patterns (floral, polka dot, animal prints). Try out either the shiny or the matte fabric. They are so easy to use and are the bee's knees when it comes to getting fun hair, fast.

Vintage clips or hairbands

Adding vintage embellishments in the forms of clips, hair combs, or even decorative hair elastics is a great idea. The glitz of beautiful vintage accessories looks great alongside a sleek, elegant ponytail.


Never say die; scrunchies are sticking around. Why not get on board and take advantage? Try out a scrunchie with a trendy pattern or texture: plaid, sequined, faux-suede, or just go for the simple ruffled, black look.

Not forgetting leather ties, clasps and beads

Try tying a strap of leather around your pony tail. This look is especially trendy with a low, straight pony.

Alternatively there are some pretty cool ponytail clasps out there. Try a circular, long, metallic clasp that clips over your elastic for a fashion-forward, chic look. Don't be afraid to bump your regular ponytail to the next fashion level.

Last but not least, beads are always interesting. Try wrapping a beaded elastic or headband around the base of your pony to create some magic through detailing.

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