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5 Ponytail hairstyle hacks

/ 05.08.2015
Get a perfect ponytail every time!
Get a perfect ponytail every time!

When you don't know what to do with your hair, or you need something quick and practical, ponytails can be real lifesavers. Whether you're headed to a spin class or a job interview, a good pony will keep your hair up and under control, showcase plenty of movement and generally look awesome. To get the look just right every single time, check out the easy styling hacks below.

1/ Get the placement right

Creating the perfect ponytail mostly depends on the placement you choose. Higher ponies situated level with your temples or above will have more bounce while lower styles create less movement.

2/ Banish flyaways

To prevent flyaways from cramping your style, seal your finished ponytail with plenty of hairspray. For any persistently wispy pieces of hair, spray an old toothbrush then use it to tack them down once and for all.

3/ Create texture

To add texture through the lengths of your pony, spray it with a volumizing hairspray and muss with your hands. For added volume, gently back brush the hair after spraying it.

4/ Add length

To make your pony appear longer, split your hair in half horizontally and create two ponies, one stacked on top of the other. This trick works for all hair textures and JLo, (the queen of swishable hair) does it so it must be a good idea!

5/ Prop it up

To prevent your ponytail from falling flat during the day, prop it up with two or three bobby pins after securing it. Slide the pins at a steep diagonal angle over the hair tie underneath the pony.


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