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4 Ways to get thicker hair for men

/ 09.19.2014
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  • Short side sweep
  • Pompadour for men
  • L'Oréal Paris spokesperson, man of action and Hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds  never  has flat hair. Or maybe no one notices, thanks to his eye-catching polka dot pocket squares.

Do you wish your hair looked a little fuller? Maybe you feel that your hair could use some extra body or perhaps you just want it to feel a little thicker; either way, there are a couple of styling tips that can help you achieve the volume-filled look that you want. You might be surprised at how easy it can be to get a more substantial look.

1. No residue, no worries

Any hairstyle can get weighed down by build-up which can make it greasy, flat, and anything but full and healthy-looking. To avoid of this particular problem, all you need to do is make sure you're using products that are specially formulated NOT to leave any residue.

2. Time for a new shampoo

A thickening or volumizing shampoo can make a world of difference to your style. Keeping the hair clean while encouraging a fuller look is really important as it helps the hair to maintain it's elasticity, and removes all of that aforementioned buildup.

3. Use a blowdryer

A really easy way to boost your style is with a blow-dryer. Blasting the hair at the root while simultaneously lifting it with a comb helps your strands to dry with more of a spring in their step. The added height and volume will not only give you a fuller-looking hairstyle, it will also make you look more pulled-together, too!

4. Get a haircut

To create the illusion of fuller hair, get a cut that's slightly longer on the top, but avoid anything that is likely to fall down and hang in separated pieces. Bangs are a no-go...

Do you have any tips and tricks for making your hair look fuller?


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